About Us
Xin Motors Ltd is a Subsidiary of ABC Automobile Division and is the official and exclusive distributor of JMC vehicles in Mauritius. The company was created in 2010 and specializes in the selling of Chinese vehicles; namely JMC which stands for Jiangling Motors Corporation.


JMC is the market leader in Pick-Ups and light commercial trucks in China for the last 10 years. JMC is in joint venture with well-known international brands for the manufacture and marketing of pick-ups and light trucks in China and is already exporting to more than 70 countries in the world.

JMC is a trusted and well- known brand internationally, all the pick-ups and trucks come with a 3 years or 100,000 Kms warranty. Other Important Points are: To learn more about JMC Vehicles Visit: The Xin motors team is made up of experienced sales advisors and they are here to help you out. Feel free to contact them for more info:
Patrice Yuen Zing
Head of Sales

Tel: 206 9946 / 206 9988
Mobile : 5 2531378
Email: patricey@abcmotors.mu
Nil Bhollah

Tel: 206 9946
Mobile : 5 2559125
Email: nilb@jmc.mu
Cynthia Captieux
Marketing Officer

Tel: 206 9998
Email: marketing@jmc.mu